About Us



The family behind K-Pup's Underground Fencing. Jay handles all of the installs, trainings and day-to-day service calls while I, Kaitlyn, get to handle all of the digital pieces of the business. We are just your average Wisconsin couple, with a particular love for all things dogs, adventure and cheese (it is Wisconsin, after all). When Jay is not out working with you and your four-legged companions, he can be found in the garage working on his latest project, or crossing off items on that never ending "honey-do list."



We have a brand new baby daughter, Madelyn, we also have two fur-babies; Stanley, a rescue spaniel-mix and Winnie, a golden retriever. On rare occasions, Stan will join Jay on service calls, but he mostly serves as my office assistant; keeping my feet warm and the yard free of squirrels. Winnie, on the other hand, will frequently join Jay in the field. Eventually, she will help your dogs learn the fencing system, but for now, she is just a member of the welcoming committee and an agent of chaos. 



We are so thankful for each and every one of our customers and appreciate you allowing us to be part of your family. If you are interested in getting an inside look at the daily chaos, we would love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram